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Anti-Blister Socks

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ArmaSkin sock comfort for endurance wear. Si Fusion technology and micro-flat hand stitch create a hydrophobic layer adhering to skin to eliminate pressure points. Forms a cushioned and insulated second skin, that draws moisture away. Keeps feet dry free from bacteria and odour build up. Prevents friction preventing blisters from forming. ArmaSkin makes every other anti-blister sock just a sock.


ArmaSkin – Anti-Blister Socks

ArmaSkin Australian Made using new Si Fusion wonder technology with micro-flat stitching to provide a hydrophobic layer that adheres to skin and eliminates pressure points. Its like an additional skin layer pushing moisture away and absorbing friction, keeping feet dry and blister free.

Don’t let your feet fail you!
Stop blisters with ArmaSkin Anti-blister, Anti-Microbial, Moisture Wicking socks.

Keep Feet Fighting Fit in all Conditions – As tested in the field by Australia’s own Special Air Services operatives.
No matter how much pressure you’re under ArmaSkin Anti-Blister socks keep feet free from blisters and friction injury for days on end.

The secret to ArmaSkin’s break-through in Anti-Blister performance is the Si Fusion fabric. This fabric is was designed and created by ArmaSkin after years of research and testing.

Engineered for Extreme Endurance

No matter what shape your body is in you can only go as far as your feet will take you.

ArmaSkin technology is designed to help you push the limits of endurance without injury to your feet letting you down.

Unleash your true potential with ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Socks. Like armour for your feet this second skin will help you push through new barriers and maximise your endurance potential.

Blisters are one of the most common and annoying foot injury. They are painful and affect the way you naturally walk causing referred injuries or strains in other parts of your body. They can also get infected if not treated properly straight away.

These small bubbles of skin filled with clear fluid, can appear anywhere on your foot, and can be extremely painful — enough to cause you to stop your activity.
They are often not complained about as it is seen as a sign of weakness.

Foot blisters are naturally formed due to heat, moisture and frictionfrom your foot wear. Anyone wearing shoes will experience all these to different degrees depending on atmospheric temperature, ground moisture and the level of excursion their body is under.

ArmaSkin anti-blister second skin socks address all four conditions that cause blisters:

1. The Si fusion polymer friction coating adheres to the skin and PREVENTS any FRICTION that can occur naturally between socks and skin. Any friction generated in the shoe is absorbed by the outer fabric. In addition the Si fusion polymer is bacteria static so the socks can be worn for prolonged periods of time.

2. The Si fusion polymer coating is macro porous and hydrophobic (water hating) therefore REPELS all MOISTURE away from the skin keeping it drier.

3. Better HEAT dissipation is achieved thanks to the hydrophobic/ hydrophilic moisture management. i.e one side of the fabric is water hating the other side is water loving.

4. Micro-flat smooth hand finished stitching eliminates pressure points that you see in other extreme sport socks that would cause blisters.

If you think your activity is going to give you blisters ArmaSkin anti-blister second skin socks should be the first thing you put on your feet.

How to use ArmaSkin with Runners

ArmaSkin Anti-Blister socks are suitable for runners of all levels and are compatible with any running shoe and sock combination.

Step 1: Roll ArmaSkin into both feet ensuring that the Si Fusion coating is against the skin with the smooth side of the sock facing out.

Step 2: Pull sock tight to ensure they stretch evenly over the foot and ankle without excessive wrinkles.

Step 3: Fit your normal socks over the top of ArmaSkin.

Step 4: Fit runners normally.

How to use ArmaSkin with Boots

ArmaSkin Anti-Blister socks are specially designed and testing to work with Military, Hiking and Work Boots of all styles.

Step 1: Roll ArmaSkin into both feet ensuring that the Si Fusion coating is against the skin with the smooth side of the sock facing out.

Step 2: Pull sock tight to ensure they stretch evenly over the foot and ankle without excessive wrinkles.

Step 3: Fit your normal socks over the top of ArmaSkin.

Step 4: Fit boots normally.

NOTE: Due to the friction dissipating effect of ArmaSkin, ill-fitting boots may feel more loose on the foot than normal. This is because ArmaSkin is allowing the boot to glide over the foot harmlessly – preventing blisters.

If this occurs do not over tighten the boots to compensate, as this may cause excessive pressure on tendons. The slipping of the boot will not cause harm to the foot.

Moisture Management Explained

Moisture Management works by using several different processes.

1. Mechanical moisture wicking
This is where the fiber used has microscopic channels built into it so that it has a high surface area.
Moisture clings to these channels as it is transported around the fibers. Any fine gauge fiber is capable of doing this but because modern polyester is so fine, many garments advertise this feature under a variety of names.
The down side to mechanical moisture wicking is that once the channels are all wet (which doesn’t take long) you get the problem of clinging and a sensation of wetness.

2. Chemical moisture wicking
This is a Chemical treatment to make the fibers hydrophilic, which means moisture is attracted to the chemical and transported around the fibers via this method.
This is not very efficient and the chemical gets washed out after several washes, reducing the effectivness even further.

3. Natural fiber wicking
Natural fibers such as cotton and wool are naturally hydrophilic, hence moisture is naturally attracted to the fibers.
This limitation with natural fibers is that after they become wet, they stay wet for longer than polyesters because of this high hydrophilic property.

The Best of all wicking options
The ArmaSkin Si fusion composite fabric is different to all the above, because one side is covered with a hydrophobic porous membrane and the other side a fabric that mechanically wicks any moisture.
This creates a directional moisture moving technology.
The benefits are that no matter how much water/moisture the fabricsis holding the hydrophobic membrane, next to the skin, is always dry.
Any moisture that comes off the body automatically wants to cross this membrane and go into the wicking side of the fabric.


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